Keep your eyes open to your mercies.
The man who forgets to be thankful
has fallen asleep in life.

Robert Louis Stevenson

★★★★ I spent three nights at the Macfie family home. I was made very welcome and I was very comfortable in my top floor room. The ensuite bathroom is very modern with a very good shower. Read More →

Have you long dreamed of exploring the misty magical north of Great Britain ? As both John and Felicitas are very experienced tour guides, we have been privileged to visit almost every nook and cranny and can advise you where best to go based on your sense of adventure, budget and time available.Read More →

I never weary of great churches.
It is my favorite kind
of mountain scenery.
Mankind was never so happily inspired
as when it made a cathedral.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Scotland’s capital offers you many days of exploring. Thanks to excellent transport links you can use Edinburgh Read More →

★★★★★ My husband and I stayed for 3 nights in early July and enjoyed the gracious hospitality of the Macfie family. This is a true B&B: You are staying in someone’s home. But it’s a spectacular home Read More →

Every August, coinciding with the International Festival, Edinburgh is host to the Fringe Festival whereRead More →