Whisky or “the water of life” as the Scots know it is probably Scotland’s best known export. Read More →

With so many different Festivals and events happening in Edinburgh, the search for the right Read More →

The Scottish countryside is literally begging to be explored on foot. Having done our fair bit over the past decades, we are ideally placed to direct you towards the most scenic route. It does not have to be whole West Highland Way, there are beauties to discover much closer to Edinburgh.Read More →

There are hundreds of Scottish castles to explore and having visited a fair share of them, we can put together the perfect tour for you, taking in important sites of Scottish history. Although the majority of these castles now lie in ruins, there are some wonderful gems to discover that are actually still being lived in.Read More →

Over the years, the Stevenson House has been the set for a wonderful variety of TV shows and films, both costume as well as documentary. Our clients have been delighted with the originality of the house and its decor as well as our “can do” attitude when it comes to accomodating even the most demanding film director. Make an appointment and come and check us out, we may just be your ideal venue.Read More →

Have you long dreamed of exploring the misty magical north of Great Britain ? As both John and Felicitas are very experienced tour guides, we have been privileged to visit almost every nook and cranny and can advise you where best to go based on your sense of adventure, budget and time available.Read More →

Scotland’s capital offers you many days of exploring. Thanks to excellent transport links you can use Edinburgh Read More →

Scotland has been the scene of many historical events and once you have told us in which era you are interested in, we can point you to the most interesting places to visit and where you will gain maximum insight With most museums being free of charge, you do not need to restrain your thirst for knowledge.Read More →