Services offered by the Macfie family

We are more than happy to help you.
We try to satisfy even unusual wishes.

Bringing up six children and having let the Stevenson House for more than twenty-five years gives the Macfie family unrivalled experience in meeting expectations. Spontaneous and flexible, they are always ready to meet your needs.

  • John Macfie, an experienced family lawyer, is a deep source of historical knowledge, literature and all things pertaining to Scotland. He can give you insights to Scottish traditions and the way of life of a real Scotsman.
  • Felicitas Macfie, having been trained at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne, is not only an inspired cook but also a master of making the most of your budget. Having worked in a German travel agency organizing tours around Scotland, she always finds that special spot, matching your interests with your budget.
  • Both are experienced tour guides throughout Scotland. Being members of diverse Scottish cultural institutions they can therefore give you that special extra insight.
  • Language is no barrier. Fluent in English, German, French and Afrikaans they look forward to talking to you.

Together they are the dream team behind the Macfie Trading Company. To make your stay as individual as possible they offer a variety of services. You can even book them should you not stay at the Stevenson House.

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